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Custom Cabinets

The first thing people notice about a new kitchen or bath is the cabinetry. It stands out if it’s beautiful as well as if it’s drab. Color, style, carpentry. It all ties into how good your cabinets look. Cabinets bring character to the room. Updating your cabinets has many benefits, from obvious eye appeal to raise the value of your home. You want cabinets that are not only fantastic to look at, but that is functional too. That way, you can fill them with the items that would normally pile up on your countertops and tables.

That’s why our cabinets help you not only make the room but make room!

Your custom cabinets don’t just make a room look good, they also make more room for items that would pile up everywhere so your kitchen looks cleaner and less cluttered. Dirty, worn, shabby or broken cabinets just don’t do the trick. Don’t settle for cabinets that aren’t practical or pretty…you want cabinets that fit each exact individual space perfectly.

You want cabinets that make your room look its best!

Custom means that it is specially designed for you! At Winsborough Construction, Inc. you tell us what you want and we deliver. Filler woods and slats to cover up extra space looks bad. Our designs don’t leave you with cabinets that look as if they were installed by the local big box chain. We take the extra steps needed to make sure we are exact and precise and give you the choices you want on wood type, grain, stain and color, not just a stock color that may or may not match or blend well. We will craft and install custom cabinets to look exactly how you imagine them! We promise we will make your home look amazing!