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1. How long have you been in business?

We have been in the building/remodeling business for more than 30 years.

2. Are you insured?

Winsborough Construction, Inc. is insured, carrying all the necessary liability insurance and workers comp on all our employees.

3. Will I get a warranty?

Winsborough Construction, Inc. will warrant the construction for one (1) year for workmanship and materials, two (2) years for plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems, and ten (10) years for major structural components, all periods starting from the date of substantial completion of the work.

4. What is Design/Build?

Design/Build describes the type of remodeling/building in which the same company designs and constructs the project. Design/build companies will be able to see your project through from start to finish keeping in mind design, structuring, and budget which greatly speeds up the remodeling/building process and reduces communication difficulties that can occur when trying to deal with multiple companies.

5. Why choose Design/Build?

Winsborough Construction, Inc. is able to do everything from the initial design to the final punch list. Design/build benefits also include:

  • A more personalized design based on the client's regular input during the design process.
  • The budget is considered from the beginning, producing a realistic design and speeding up the entire process.
  • Actual building/remodeling experience is applied during the design process eliminating waste and unnecessary costs.
  • As both the designer and general contractor, we can explain the project to our sub-contractors in more detail and make them better aware of site conditions and planned construction, resulting in accurate estimates, without inflated costs due to unknown circumstances or conditions
  • Projects normally run smoother, faster, and at less cost.

6. What percent of your business are repeat clients?

A majority of Winsborough Construction, Inc. projects are based on referrals and repeat clients. We are proud to say that our clients feel enough confidence in our work and business to call us time and time again.

7. Can I see a list of your references?

We can give you a list of references upon request.

8. Do we need a permit?

Winsborough Construction, Inc. follows city, county and state rules and regulations. We will obtain any permits that may be necessary to your particular project and handle all necessary inspections.

9. How do we get started with the design/build process?

a. Jot down your ideas for the project.

b. Determine your project budget, a budget you will be able to live with.

c. Make a “wish list” of what you want and need. Rate them from most important to least important. Pictures of things you like in magazines can be helpful.

d. Call Winsborough Construction, Inc. for an appointment.

Please See The Process for more details from this point.

Tips for remodeling clients: Here are a few things to keep in mind, depending on your remodeling project:

(a) If you are having a kitchen redone you will be without a kitchen for several weeks. It is usually best to set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home. We can help you set up a temporary kitchen so you have easy access to your refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, etc…

(b) If you are having a bathroom redone you will need to remove all your belongings from that bathroom and relocate them to another bathroom. Keep all of your daily toiletries and necessities so that they can be easily accessed.

(c) Remember to keep all fragile items in a safe and secure place. Remove any pictures or other items that are on the walls or walls adjacent to rooms being renovated. Dust is a given, but we keep it at a minimum with tarps, plastic enclosures, along with daily cleaning of the project area. You may still want to cover your furniture and fine drapery in adjacent rooms.

(d) For the safety of your family, friends, and pets we ask that you keep them away from the remodeling site and be responsible for their safety at all times.