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Most of us don’t realize how complicated it is to remodel or build a home, until they are faced with an overwhelming number of decisions such as: material, fixture and appliance selections and the paperwork that go with the process. Since no two projects are ever exactly the same, there is no single, straightforward process.

However, every project can be broken down into several different steps. Depending upon the size and scope of your project, some of these steps may be combined or extra steps may be added. The following outline is intended to introduce these steps to you so you have a good idea of what to expect during the design/build process of your project.

The Design/Build Process

Phase I- The Design and Development Phase

  1. Initial Meeting
  2. a. Discuss your expectations, visions, design tastes and preferences, budget requirements.
  3. b. If the client decides they want to proceed with design development and cost estimate, a professional service agreement will be created. The professional service agreement is a contract for our design development services.

  1. Initial Design/Development
  2. a. Existing space and structures are measured and photographed.
  3. b. Existing conditions are examined and analyzed, and we verify the local building and zoning restrictions that apply in your area.
  4. c. Initial sketches and plans are developed from your design ideas.
  5. d. We will discuss initial project cost estimates, sketches, and plans. At this time any changes requested by client will be implemented.

  1. Final Design and Selections
  2. a. Interior and exterior elevations and selections are drawn and developed
  3. b. Plans are refined
  4. c. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are designed
  5. d. Finishes, materials, appliances and fixtures are selected by the client. You’ll receive a Product Selection Sheet for confirmation. It’s the complete breakdown, including:
  6. i. Roofing, window and siding selection
  7. ii. Trim, molding, door selections
  8. iii. Drywall selection
  9. iv. Paint colors, and finishes
  10. v. Cabinet style, materials, finishes etc…
  11. vi. Countertops and backsplash selection
  12. vii. Flooring selections
  13. viii. Hardware selections
  14. ix. Plumbing and lighting fixtures
  15. x. Appliance selections

  1. Contract Negotiations
  2. a. All sketches, plans, and final cost estimate are complete.
  3. b. Construction contract is presented to client for approval. Once approved and initial deposit is paid, the construction process will begin.

Phase II- The Build Phase

  1. Construction
  2. a. All permits are received and construction begins.
  3. b. The client will get regular updates as your project moves steadily forward to completion.
  4. c. We will immediately respond to any questions or concerns the client might have throughout the project.

  1. Construction is Completed
  2. a. At project completion, we will do a final walk through with the client, for final approval.