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We have used Winsborough Construction on numerous small jobs and decided to engage them to build our new lake house. We are currently about halfway through the project and everything is going smoothly. They have the staff, experience and organization to handle any construction project. The design and permitting went flawlessly. The house is dried in now and we are on schedule and on budget. They plan meticulously and execute the plan. Mike Winsborough keeps us involved in every facet of the project so that there are no surprises. We highly recommend their team.Read More

We started our ranch remodel with just a few things we wanted to fix, mainly a new farmhouse sink in the kitchen, repairing the back porch columns, fresh paint and new carpet. I met with John Winsborough of Winsborough Construction in May, 2016. I instantly knew that I connected with him and his ideas. From video taping his conversations to taking feverish notes on my Iphone so I could remember questions, I was a nervous wreck thinking about the work to be done. Initially, John turned our project down, thinking he might not be able to commit to our timeline. He actually suggested someone else handle the job, and gave me that person’s number and told me that he couldn’t take on another project. In the weeks that followed, I spoke to John again. He told me his reservations about taking the job, but that something had come through in the schedule, and that he could fit US in. During the bid process, I called John’s references. OH WOW. I was surprisingly shocked on everything people said. They were all happy with the work, the job, with John. They all handed out positive reviews like candy. John Winsborough and his team committed to the job, working the project into their schedule, and ensuring that we would be nearing completion by our Thanksgiving deadline. We ended up doing much more. It never fails, one thing leads to another. One of the biggest things was converting the garage into a game room. Other changes included all new energy efficient windows with screens and doors throughout, new energy efficient AC units, painting exterior and interior, converting much of the kitchen, moving from electric to gas appliances and adding a tank less water heater. We changed out the entire master bathroom, after discovering mold. We added a pool, hot tub, and outdoor kitchen. We updated tile flooring, and sub-flooring. There was new carpet. We ended up changing many of the builder grade lighting and plumbing fixtures, adding electrical plugs, ceiling fans and moving door ways. We utilized treasures from our travels to New Orleans, Spain, and Italy. During the 16 week timeline, we maintained our regular family lives. John met with me countless times. We emailed and texted photos. John Winsborough always answered and took every call, answered every email and text. There were so many verification calls, texts, emails. All the while, John kept me calm. There were numerous explanations, detailed explanations so that I understood the steps to each process. There was the tightest of deadlines that we reviewed every couple of weeks to check and make sure we were exactly where we needed to be. There were times that I didn’t think that we would get to the next timeline event because we were discovering other things that needed attention, and adding more work to the already difficult workload. Work was always seamless. I can never thank John Winsborough enough for managing, directing, ordering, and basically taking care of the entire process. John stayed the course, and kept on track. Thanks to you and Winsborough Construction.Read More

Winsborough Construction built our custom home. They were very professional and were the most thorough contractors in the area. We are so pleased with our home and will be using them again within the year to build our second home. Strongly recommend the.Read More